About Me

Teaching People How To Heal Themselves and Change Their Lives

My name is Samantha Kaaua. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in Honolulu, Hawaii. I began my professional healing journey over 5 years ago when I entered my masters program. Over the years I have transformed my own life and had the pleasure of witnessing many of my clients do the same for themselves. I also have 4 years of experience in the addiction field where I learned about trauma, domestic violence, dis-ease, pain, suffering, and so much more! 


Parallel to my professional healing journey was my personal healing journey! As I strived to find ways to help others heal, I actually found ways to heal myself from my own past. What a blessing it has been to be able to grow along side my clients and gift them with the knowledge that has helped me deepen my spiritual connection, increase my health, and be the creator of my own reality. 


I have been inspired by the teachings of the late Louise Hay who has taught me that you can heal your life by simply changing the way you think. Dr. Joe Dispenza helped me to better understand the science behind Louise's radical thinking for her time. Other influences have come through holistic and metaphysical approaches to healing. My understanding of, what some people call, the spiritual realm, while other people call it, the quantum realm has helped me to better assist those struggling with spiritual disconnect. 


If you are struggling to find your life's purpose, continue to have relationship issues, are being held back by your dark past, are in physical pain and modern medicine isn't working, or want to develop your spirituality, I want to work with you!